Selling tees to benefit a charity isn’t a new idea, but these guys take a different approach.

Each t-shirt on the site was inspired by a personal, meaningful experience with the people and organizations that the sales benefit. The folks at Rosa Loves say it best:

“The main idea that took shape was the issue of who, exactly, would benefit from the money that was raised through shirt sales. Instead of donating to larger charity organizations that were already established and had financial support through other ways – it would go to specific individuals with needs in the community around us. It was in agreement that even though there are many wonderful organizations that are doing great, meaningful, and life-changing work, the public can already donate through other avenues – and the cause of the donation seems a little far removed from our reality. It’s usually thoughts like,”those people over there” that perpetuate a sense of complacency and lack of concern. Rosa Loves wants to shed light on the stories around us, to give them a real face, a real name.”

Read the story behind “Armonia” and then check out all the great tees and stories at Rosa Loves.

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