P is for Panda

P is for Panda is an Altanta-based indie clothing line that started in 2007, relying mostly on word of mouth to generate sales, and contributing a third of those sales to various charities.

P is for Panda

These days, they’re also branching out into music by starting a record label in partnership with Hopeless/Sub City Records. It’s a more natural evolution than one might expect; the founder of P is for Panda, Chad Pearson, has a long history in the music industry.

Music and cool threads have always gone together, so we’re excited to see how the site evolves.

Right now, the store has just gone live with a bunch of new designs. Most of the links on the top navigation are still broken, but you can browse and purchase tees.

(Their first album, Mixtape Volume 1, is also on sale now both through the store and itunes)

We’re really digging the Swarm shirt — like the site says “Who doesn’t want a cute panda head with cross bones all over the front of their shirt?” Printed on AA tees with the super soft hand bleach technique, 20 bucks is a great price.



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