Fuel For Design – The ebook for new clothing lines

If you’re thinking about starting a new clothing line, or are in the early stages of your launch, things can seem a little daunting. There just aren’t many resources out there for indie designers and business owners looking for a little advice and a push in the right direction.

Part of the reason for this is that graphic t-shirt design has just reached its tipping point, fueled by sites like Threadless and Teefury, and by the accessibility of selling products on the internet.

But this new e-book from Gino (of Color Overload fame) removes the curtain and exposes the basics, the tips and tricks, and the powerful secrets that have helped him become a success with his own clothing line.

The book, available in PDF, is 127 pages packed with good stuff. What kind of good stuff you ask? Well here’s just a sampling:

  • How to Setup a Website and Online Store System
  • Professional Blogging Advice for Clothing Line Owners
  • The Best and Easiest Way to Ship Your Products
  • A Sample T-Shirt Business Cost Breakdown
  • Elements Every Good Logo Must Have
  • The Pros & Cons of T-Shirt Fulfillment Services
  • Hot Tips for SEO Optimization No Designer Should Be Without
  • Google Secrets to Ranking in the Top of Search Engines
  • Essential Offline Guerilla Marketing Techniques
  • Cutting-Edge Online Marketing Tactics

Our favorite section (not surprisingly) is on the online marketing chapter. Besides covering the obvious (like using t-shirt blogs and forums to promote your line), the e-book has more than a few creative suggestions for online guerrilla marketing. We won’t give them away here, but suffice it to say there was some stuff we hadn’t thought of.

Fuel For Design is selling for just $37.00 and Gino is offering a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the book. So really, how can you go wrong?

Visit How to Start A Clothing Line and get the book today!


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