Threadless Holiday Sale Round-up

Threadless is in the midst of their holiday sale where not only are they offering discounts, but they also have a bunch of tees priced at $5, $10, and $15. Some of them are newly released designs, too.

We combed through all the discounted designs and pulled out some of our top picks to share with you. The five dollar tees are going super quick, so now is the time to order!

**UPDATED: Sweet, you can save an addition $3 on your purchase with this coupon, that the folks over at Threadless blog were nice enough to let us know about.

$15 Favorites


When The Sun Explodes

Hey Let’s Go Do Fun Stuff!

Bye Bye Apocalypse

$10 Favorites

As Day Is Swallowed Up By Night

I’m Not Bitter, I’m Just Unsweetened

Technology Ruins Nature

The Skyscrapers

$5 Favorites

They’re, Their, There

We Are Made of Carbon

One Lump, Or Two?


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