How I Used YouTube To Sell 60 T-Shirts the Night My Website Launched

Interesting story over at behance from the folks who run I’m A Hot Tee that talks about their experiences using social media (youtube) to kickstart sales with their store.

“In the t-shirt business, companies live or die by one thing: Whether or not their marketing plan works.

Launching I’m a Hot Tee entirely out of pocket, I had a limited budget for marketing, and really want to make sure that every dollar was well-spent. I had just read Malcolm Gladwell’s brilliant book The Tipping Point, and it gave me a number of ideas.

One of them was to use YouTube as a marketing platform.

It has gone better than I ever could have dreamed.

What I did was by no means perfect, but it is a really terrific case study, I think, and might be of use to you guys. So here’s the story of how I used YouTube to sell sixty shirts the night I launched.”

Read the whole thing here.

Also, The Tipping Point, and a few other of Gladwell’s books, sit on my bookshelves. It’s definitely some good reading for anyone who’s in the midst of starting their own clothing line.