i/denti/tee is a new site developed by music lovers that offers t-shirts printed with iconic phrases from popular music.

Music, and the site itself, is about self-expression so all the lines begin with “I”. There’s 9 tees available to begin with, with lyrics from artists ranging from Bon Jovi to Kenny Chesney.

Each shirt costs $35.00, but (for a limited time?) you also get 10 free downloads from iTunes with your purchase, as long as you’re in the US. At right around .99 cents per song, that essentially means the tees are priced at a more reasonable $25.00 each.

In addition to the store, there’s also a voting section where you can select your favorite “i/lyrics” from the list, or add your own and vote to help decide which shirts they should print next:

The site just looks rock and roll (or something designed by team Apple), and with partnerships out of the gate with iTunes, Eden Live, and Hard Rock Cafe, it looks like these guys will be some heavy hitters.