Launching in …well… just a few hours (or if you’re reading this after 12am CST — it already has) is new t-shirt competition site ShirtFight. In a sea of sites competing for sales and designer talents, it’s becoming an increasing challenge to stand out from the crowd. So what’s ShirtFight going to do different?

Say the folks behind the new site:

“We’ll always keep our community priority #1. We’re nothing without you guys! That’s why we’re going to keep the lines of communication open, constantly ask for your opinions and feedback, and do what we can to make this the most artist-focused t-shirt design competition site out there!

We want to keep the individuality and the uniqueness for our community (the artists *and* the customers)…and to achieve that we’re never going to carry more than 21 shirts at any given time. It drives me nuts to see hundreds of pages of shirts on a site…it’s like being lost in a sea of tees! By showcasing the very best designs, we get to focus everyone’s attention to the talents of the artist.”

The site will be running weekly contests around a theme (much like shirt.woot) with prizes of $500 to the winning designer. But to celebrate their launch, they’ll be offering $2009 for the first winner. If you’re going to enter, now is a GREAT time.

And what, you might ask, will be the first theme? Well, we have it on a good authority (spoiler alert) that it will be something like:

EATING JUNK FOOD BEFORE GOING TO BED!” (Already these themes seem a little more interesting than the ones that play out at woot, I can’t wait to see the entries)

In addition to the contest, the site will be launching with two designs for sale from their prelaunch contest at emptees:


If the fun they have with their photshoots are any indication, this looks like it will be a great community to watch.