Top Ten Skull T-Shirts

James from t-shirt connoisseur here, bringing you a top ten countdown list of tees with skulls.

You don’t have to be a goth kid or a metal fan to wear tee’s with skulls. Skulls can symbolize death, and their figure can leave you pondering mortality, but the iconic image of the skull is more than that — skulls are just cool.

Difficulty: No Pirate Flags, No Punisher Logo, &  Human Skulls Only

10.  ” Suit Up? ” @ Design by Humans – $25


Make a statement about joining the corporate rank and file — or just wear it becuase it’s pretty bad ass.

9. ” Grunge Skull ” @ VanRockn – $18

9Being off-centre is what makes this tee. Love the tone on black.

8. Deaths Embrace @ AkumuInk – $22.00

8I assume the title should instead read “Death’s Embrace”, but who am I to pick on the grammar of such an awesome designer? Subtle dark on black with a jarring design.

7. ” Death and Tooth Decay ” @ Threadless – $18

7At this point in the top ten list, I figured I would brighten things up a bit, with this delicious t-shirt. Mmmmm, gummy worms.

6.  ” Blue Velvet ” @ Teefury – $9

6Available for today only — that’s the way teefury rolls.

5. ” Impaled ” @ AkumuInk – $18

5The image of skulls impaled on a spear — the universal symbol of “Don’t F#&% With Me” since, well… since about the time spears were invented.

4.  ” Skulls Heart ” @ VanRockn – $18


A heart on the left side of your chest, over your heart — made of skulls for some reason or another.

3. ” Ghostly Skull ” @ Threadless – $TBD

3Back to the light hearted side of things, this delightful (and colorful!) skull made of ghosts. If you read my stuff @ t-shirt connoisseur, you know I have a thing for t-shirt designs featuring things made from other things.

2. ” 88 Ghosts ” @ Funk Rush – ~$10

2Yes, I know the last tee was also a skull made from colorful ghosts, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Also, am I obsesive is I counted to be sure there was 88 ghosts? (fyi, there was)

1. ” Ashes To Ashes ” @ Tenbills – $10

1Easily topping the list is this great tee from ten bills. Its design is both beautiful and engaging, and if they didn’t charge $19 to ship to Canada, I’d buy several.

That wraps up the top ten — I’m a top 10 purist, no bonus 11th tee (sorry, Andy



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