Euan Gallacher

In another great interview brought to you by Andy from Thunderfrogs, we find out about the guy behind the awesome pop culture tees that have been taking over on MySoti.

While he may not yet be a household name in the t-shirt world, this young student from Glasgow is knocking out some of the most wanted designs on MySoti. His portfolio includes pop-culture riffs on Mario and Pacman, as well as more original works.


I took the opportunity to speak to Euan about his studies, and t-shirt-related ambitions.


Thunderfrogs: Hi Euan, thanks for agreeing to the interview.
Euan Gallacher: Cheers! A student always needs a good reason to procrastinate!

TF: How long have you been designing t-shirts? Can you tell us a little about how you got into it?
EG: It’s hard to say really. I started sticking graphics on t-shirts back in high-school, so since I was 16-17ish or 3 or 4 years till now. But really I’ve only started taking it seriously recently, like I now design artwork specifically with tees in mind rather than just my little doodles stuck on products. I’d like to think I’ve developed my own style now.

TF: So far you’ve tried spreadshirt and mysoti fulfillment services; how would you compare them?
EG: Well I would say spreadshirt is a good place to try out for beginners but really it’s too limiting. The regulations you have with colours, detail limits and size is annoying. The fact there is a separate setup for US and EU is also a drawback, it should be universal. MySoti on the other hand I kinda love. They offer less products, really just tees in a couple flavours. However they are new, have hit the ground running and they are always working to improve the service. The quality and size you can print is magic, and their DTG (direct to garment) printer seems to be churning out prints to rival screen printing. The guys running it (Hello Steve!) are really cool too, always easy to get in touch with and friendly.

TF: You’re still a student at the moment; where do you see yourself in five/ten years time?
EG: Ooooh I’d like to work for a few years in a design firm I think but my goal is to open a t-shirt store/boutique in the real live world and online. Not just an average store but something more of an experience like Johnny Cupcakes maybe, I won’t people to come to the shop for the magic of it all rather than just a tee, it’s a funky adventure! I’m not telling you my idea though, I’m scared it will get stolen, I did a little tester of it before and it went really well, so I have high hopes for my little brainbox of ideas!

TF: Which is your best-selling design?
EG: I think just now that would be unusual suspect. It was featured in the UK X360 magazine last year which helped a little bit I hope. Hooray for gamers that like tshirts!


TF: Do you enter the t-shirt design competitions? Have you sold any designs?
EG: I have started to dabble more now that I’ve started to develop my own style or take it more seriously. I’m currently taking a stab at and I was recently printed on Also I am going to have a few designs printed my a London based competion/limited ed’ Tshirt setup called Collect so a shout out to Woody is in order, cheers Woody! I really like what Tee Fury does with the one a day for just one day mechanic and Collect is cool in it’s targetting of UK art students, good help to boost your portfolio!

TF: I hear one of your designs will be up at TeeFury this month. Congrats! How did that come about?
EG: I am a very lucky person! hehe. Well I found the site and wanted to get on it right away, it’s so varied! So I got in touch with Wotto via email asking if I could be considered with some of my past work. He asked me to draw up something original for the site and he would see if it got accepted. It did! Wotto was very helpful and encouraging so I thank him a whole lovely bunch. He is also Scottish like me, so he must be brilliant.

TF: Who inspires you as a designer? Whose work do you love?
EG: Well I’ve only recently just started looking at lots if tee design, I love teefury cos I can check a fresh design everyday and it’s always different. Outside of Tshirts I’m surrounded by hundreds or art student peers and there are always exhibitions going on in the uni from disciplines like fashion and textiles, jewellery, product design and fine art so I get alot of inspiration from that energy. I’m also a big sucker for music, anything really but I do love my rock n roll and bit of glam too.

TF: Are you wearing a cool tee right now?
EG: I hope so it’s one of mine! (Let’s Rock) I’d be ever so disappointed if it wasn’t cool!


TF: What would you do if you weren’t a designer?
EG: That’s a tricky one! I think I might’ve ended up being a design tutor at art school instead, that’s kinda cheating the question though isn’t it?


TF: Do you have any tips for aspiring designers?
EG: Definitely. Work on develop an identity and style that’s your own and get networking. Online you can pester blogs, sell through mysoti, sub to places like tee fury, tweet on twitter! Offline, well, if your a student see what others are up to, if not look out for opportunities to sell work or enter competitions, build a buzz around yourself!

TF: What are your top five websites?
EG: Oooft okay I’ll try my best here! In no real order… – fresh print every bloomin’ day! – tell everyone why you are interesting! – Blog run by one of my lectures, aimed at us students but anyone interested in design should read! – I love this blog, shows before and afters of rebrands, quite interesting to see how companies (attempt to) stay relevant or change all together
AND of course – Anyone can get started up here, it’s a fantastic opportunity!

TF: What’s next for you, Euan?
EG: Well I have a lot going on at uni just now so that eats much of my time, but I love it so… I am going to keep on squeezing t-shirts out my brainbox and try and get what pops out onto a few sites. Really right now I’m trying to work out a style for myself and get my name out there, it’s starting to work so here’s hoping for good things!

TF: Thanks, and the best of luck!
EG: Thank you for letting me ramble on! I hope I haven’t gone off on too many tangents!

Find out more about Euan and his designs on his website I Am Euan Gallacher, and on Twitter he is @SirEuan.

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