Now Open: Tee Invaders

My favorite type of post is the kind where we get to bring a new site to your attention. Today’s introduction is Tee Invaders.

From the site:

Tee Invaders is a community for t-shirt lovers and the home of cute little alien characters wearing tees! Oh…and we are also an ongoing t-shirt contest.

We believe we will be just another platform for artist to submit designs and get noticed for their talent.

Along with accepting daily submissions, we also offer a limited edition t-shirt for $10 each week that we curate from some very awesome artist in our community.

Drop us a note to say Hi or request to ride our space ship to tee planet here.


This design, In Her World, caught my eye. It reminds me of a cross between a Led Zeppelin album cover and the label on a Morton’s salt container. Not too bad since I like salt and Led Zep.


Rock on, and rock on over to Tee Invaders and check them out.

$18 + shipping at Tee Invaders