Mozambique 31

The retro look of this shirt is what caught my eye, but the backstory is what hooked me to feature this shirt. It’s to raise awareness of Mozambique having the lowest life expectancy in Africa of 31 years, hence the Mozambique 31.


From the statattak site:

Since Mozambique was the country that inspired all of this, the Sons of Stolen are putting 20% of the money from the sale of the shirts towards building an orphanage in Mozambique. Instead of giving the money to a charity, we will go to Mozambique with a group of volunteers from the design industry and build an orphanage from the ground up. We hope that this will help us better understand Africa and that a personal interaction with the local population will inspire everyone involved to keep working towards solutions to the many problems facing that continent. More information about this project will be available soon.

If you can’t make the trip to Africa to help out, you can buy a shirt and help make it happen.

$25 + shipping at StatAttack