T-shirt Art For Sale – 10 Great Designs

One of the best ways of starting or expanding your clothing line is to acquire designs from outside artists. This is a great way to build a diverse collection, and help out artists too. Plus, right now is a great time to do it – with so many contest sites launching and such a limited number of official “winners”, there’s a lot of extra art out there just waiting to be picked up.

Two of the biggest sources for pre-existing art are emptees and relative new-comer, Kingstrike. If you haven’t browsed these two lately, it’s time to check them out, because alot of the unsold art is really amazing.

During a fit of browsing, we picked out 10 of our favorite designs that are up for sale right now. We hope you pick some of them up, because they really deserve to be printed.


1. Gloopy by Wotto


2. Muffin by Greg Abbott


3. Friendly Fire by Matt Bibby


4. Grinnin’ Lizard by Ray Frenden


5. Hambot Demands Ham by Omnitarian


6. Vicious Sonic Cycle by Alessandro Echevarria


7. Get a Job by RAWRoutLOWD


8. The Alphabeasts by Craig Watkins


9. Beasty by a_mar_illo


10. I Ain’t Got Glying Shoes by Johann


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