Open now – Lady Umbrella.

I got a sneak peek of the designs from Lady Umbrella a short time ago and I told Ryan that when he did a full launch, I would feature the site. Well, the time is here and it was worth the wait.

Introducing – Lady Umbrella

From the Site:

Lady Umbrella Ltd. was established towards the end of 2008 when a Spanish designer, Elena Montes Casado, joined forces with a dreaming entrepreneur, Robert Ryan and together they formed the company. The aspiration was simple – be our own bosses producing t-shirts that we would like to wear ourselves (well, one of us at least).

You can find more about Lady Umbrella here.

I normally do a larger write-up about a launch, but since I haven’t done a Weekly Feature in a while, I asked Ryan if he wanted to answer a few questions and he agreed. Here is what he said:

Describe your site and the concept behind it.

– Our site is our little place on the web where we can create and develop the LadyUmbrella brand. We wanted our site to be aesthetically pleasing but also have store functionality that was easy to use. The concept for the layout was thrashed out between Elena and me and then we teamed up with a great web designer, Pawel, who had the skills to create what we wanted. To make the site “work” myself and an old college friend, Steve (who is now a seriously good web developer) got our hands dirty with some code and databases to give the shop the layout that we wanted and also have it tailored to the look and feel of our page – it’s fair to say Steve’s hands got dirtier than mine and we really appreciate his help.

What do you think is unique about your site?

– Really, the thing I like about the site is that it’s kind of home grown and ours. We spent tons of time tinkering with it and refining it to get it the way we want it to look and function and feel how we want it to. What makes it unique I guess is the TLC that it was given and we hope that when people visit it they get somewhat hypnotized by the birds and day dream with the swirling smoke from the chimney. It’s really hard for me to say what is unique about the site as I’m so familiar with it so it’s kind of just normal for me although I do really think the look of it, when you land on the homepage, is kinda nice, eye catching and unique…what do you or your readers think is unique about it? hehe, I’d love to know too….

What type of customer does your site target?

– When we first started out we thought we had a decent idea of our demographic and who our site should target but once we started to get our name out there and show people our designs that kind of changed. What we found is that, unsurprisingly, it’s mainly females who like our t-shirts but what was surprising was the age range. Once we started to see that there were a few generations interested in LadyUmbrella we wanted to keep the site as easy to use as possible but still have some of the social media elements integrated into it. That way if people want to come to just shop they can do that nice and easily but if people want to come to find out where we are on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube or our blog or get in touch with us they have all the icons that they know and love right there.. So, whilst our site may not target a specific customer we hope it caters to them individually.

Away With the Birds

€29.99 + Free Worldwide Shipping at Lady Umbrella

Do you just offer T-shirts?

– For now we are just going to create t-shirts. We want to build up our brand name and hopefully designing some cool t-shirts that people enjoy wearing will help. We are already working on the next collection of t-shirt designs but in the future we have plans to get into other types of clothing, accessories, stationary..who knows really..right now we are just excited to launch our t-shirts and look forward to seeing what the future holds..

How often should we see new designs?

– It would be nice to be able to give a time frame but unfortunately we can’t. We have already started working on the next collection but it is too early to say when they will be ready for. We really put a lot of thought into the t-shirts, packaging and branding so this takes time and then we continually refine until we are 100% satisfied and content. I wouldn’t be able to be passionate about LadyUmbrella and enjoy working as many hours I do if the designs we were producing weren’t something that we were happy with and the tradeoff is giving the designs as long as they need to be their best. I will go out on a limb though and say that we’ll have some new designs this year 😉

Where in the world is your site located?

Well, we are located in Dublin, Ireland and so I suppose our site resides here as well…although, in the golden era of social media and the likes our site is global and that’s how we like it.

Chicken or Umbrella?

€29.99 + Free Worldwide Shipping at Lady Umbrella

Do you ship international?

-Heck yes we do…The first tees of ours which we shipped a few weeks ago (to one of the winners of the competition we ran a few months back) was shipped to Niagara Falls which was pretty cool we thought. We hope to live vicariously and get to all the places we’d love to be through our tees. Would be incredible to have a ton of pictures of happy people in LadyUmbrella tees in different parts of the globe or at least that’s what we think. But, yes, we love international shipping…so much so that it’s FREE. All shipping, all around the world, all the time is free…just send us a picture?

Freestyle round. Say what you want.

– Well, firstly, thank you for asking me some questions and giving LadyUmbrella a mention on PopCultureTees. Now, I could go into an Oscars award speech style list of “thank yous” but suffice to say that we are thankful for the insane response we’ve had in the last few months on Facebook and twitter (and in real life too). It really has been staggering and we are looking forward to sending tees to you all now – the wait is over..

LadyUmbrella T-shirts on YouTube:
Tested on the Stage
Tested in the Sunshine
How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life
A Kind of Magic

x) Bonus Question: Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

Rock…what did you pick?

Wise Owl

€29.99 + Free Worldwide Shipping at Lady Umbrella

Final thoughts from PCT:

I really like everything about Lady Umbrella. The Designs are great, the website is well made, and they tell an interesting story and, watching the YouTube videos makes me want to hang out with them (in a non-stalker way). I’d like to see them make a success of this venture and would encourage you to check them out and give them you support.

Welcome to the Shirt-O-Sphere and good luck!


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6 thoughts on “Open now – Lady Umbrella.

  1. ladyumbrella

    Hey, thanks very much for mentioning us..really appreciated..our site has launched and happy to report that there have been no problems so far and we've got a few tees to pack and ship..stay happy..

  2. Manz

    Great post about a great fresh new tee brand! Congratulations on the launch!!

    Something I like about the website is that it reflects the “artistic” nature of the tees… which I'd classify as graphic art over graphic design. When I visit the site, I can imagine what it would be like to walk into the Lady Umbrella studio… and that's testament to the personal touches added!

  3. ladyumbrella

    Thanks Kathryn – hehe, we'll keep tweetin', no fear of that stopping anytime soon. At first I thought I wouldn't like or use twitter, how wrong was I? Happy to hear our platitudes didn't bore you 🙂 ..

    As a brand, as Manz pointed out, we want to create a site that fits with and compliments our tees and helps enhance the idea of LadyUmbrella…and, if ever you happen in Dublin Manz feel free to (no, do) pop in to see if LUHQ is how you imagined it..ole..

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