TDR 2.5.10 – Where it all adds up (2×5=10)

It’s one of those days when the dates add up to something. I’m not a numerologist, so it’s just another day.

How about a new batch of shirts:

5quidink: Silence of the Lamb

From the looks of this, this little guy was very baaaaad.

$12 + shipping at 5quidink


Ript Apparel: In the Future, IceCream serves you!

I wonder if this cone also eats itself.

$10 + shipping at Ript Apparel


shirt.woot: They Beat the Same

“I dunno Zed. That teddy is way out of his league and up to something.”

$10 + shipping at shirt.woot


Teefury: Geek to the Link

The discussion over this shirt at teefury is entertaining

$9 + shipping at Teefury


DesignByHumans: WILD PAINT

rawwrrrr, tiger

$19 + shipping at DesignByHumans


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2 thoughts on “TDR 2.5.10 – Where it all adds up (2×5=10)

  1. I always think that I've seen all the great tee designs from the week's blogs and then you always throw one in there that I hadn't caught yet. Yay!

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