Time to put on your Irish at The Craic’s 90

V-day is a behind us and it’s time to start looking towards the next event, St. Patricks Day. If you’re like me, you hate all the folks pinching you because you aren’t wearing anything green. What better way to solve this issue than by wearing an Irish t-shirt made by an actual Irish person?

Irish-t-shirt-shop: Eejit

£12.00 + shipping at Irish-t-shirt-shop

From the site:

How it all started

The Craics 90 – Irish T-shirt Shop is a small independent company set up by an Irishman living in Liverpool. It’s only when I moved away from home that I became more aware of the lingo and dialog I use on a daily basis that only my fellow Irish countrymen may understand. I thought it would be a fun idea to start printing Irish sayings onto T-shirts for all to see. My inspiration comes from the things I say, the banter in pubs and endless hours of Father Ted.

Other Irish sayings available. Check out the store.


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