The Chop Shop and WellDone get together to support clean water

by Stephen on March 10, 2010

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Lack of clean water is a problem that people all around the world face each and every day, even in developed countries. We don’t really pay much attention to the quality coming out of our tap because we can choose to buy clean bottled water. Unfortunately, many cannot afford the same luxury and die waiting for a solution.

The Chop Shop has teamed up with to raise awareness of clean water challenges worldwide and to help bring drinkable water to developing countries. You can help buy purchasing a shirt. It’s a really simple equation:

You buy a shirt + WellDone secures clean water = Healthier people

All proceeds from the sale of each shirt will benefit You can also make a direct donation to Welldone, but why not get a cool shirt at the same time.

Water By Numbers – Men

$23 + shipping at Chop Shop Store

Water By Numbers – Women

$23 + shipping at Chop Shop Store

F.y.i., it only takes $8k to build a well to serve 2000 people. Each shirt shows that you care about clean water and gets them closer to each goal.

You can help if you take it, One Shirt at a time!


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