Hands on with “Logo Tee” from IMU


IMU, which stands for “I Miss You”, was launched by David Merritt who wants his brand to represent something beyond just great design:

“IMU is a deeper connection. To your friends, family and community—the one you live in now and the one your actions will help shape. That’s why we’ve committed to serve our communities and encourage you to do the same.

IMU is a call to action. To appreciate the people and experiences that make you who you are. And the badge on each shirt will serve to spread the word.”

We took a look at the shirt he sent over, and here’s what we thought:


If you look under the IMU story, the first words you’ll read are:

IMU is more than a t-shirt company. This is about spreading happiness and changing perspectives. A reminder to have true compassion for others.

And it makes sense that happiness would arrive wrapped in hot pink paper and packaged in a brightly colored shoe-boxed size box, which is exactly how my IMU t-shirt came.


When the majority of t-shirt companies are still shipping their orders inside Tyvek envelopes, folded haphazardly, its clear that IMU has put a lot of thought and investment in packaging.

The result is a first impression of a high-end, professional product that would look equally at home online or in a boutique clothing store in NY or Japan.

5 Stars


The shirt they sent us turns out to be one of my favorites: The IMU Logo Tee.

Though generally not a fan of logo tees, the logo for IMU is already abstract, and the design itself turns it even more on it’s head. The design is cool (even if there’s no deep meaning) and you’re not a walking billboard for the brand. There’s also detail here, with an embroidered logo on the sleeve.

3 Stars


The tee has been re-tagged so we’re not sure what brand it is, but the site claims it’s organic and it definitely feels great. We’re usually partial to lighter tees over the heavy-weight ones, but this falls nicely right into the middle.

4 Stars


The design is a little more lime-colored than either the official photos or the ones we took show. It’s printed without an underbase, so despite being a big print, its lightweight with a soft-hand feel.

The IMU logo on the sleeve is embroidered, and the tee is tagless, with screen printed size information on the inside collar. All of these extras make the shirt feel expensive (even though it’s priced at just $20.00).

5 Stars


The Package
The Shirt
The Design
The Print
Final Score

Great packaging, great t-shirts, and a great message too means this clothing line is well on the road to success. Make sure you check out the site, and watch the video for some great eye candy and to hear more about the company.


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