Buy a shirt and get one for FREE at Parrotghost (That’s a 50% discount)

Parrotghost decided to do a little website remodeling and to entice you to go check it out, they are making you great offer. When you buy 1 shirt you can get another shirt for FREE. Yes, you read that right, Absolutely FREE. Sale ends July 4th, but you should pop on over and buy a shirt today.

Here are a few of the styles available:

Muffin To Do With Me – £25 + shipping at Parrotghost

Hungry Eyes – £25 + shipping at Parrotghost

Duck Off – £25 + shipping at Parrotghost

Bits And Pieces – £25 + shipping at Parrotghost

Expect a good quality item when you order from Parrotghost and if you make your purchase by July, 4th, expect 2 for the price of 1.


If you would like your site or shirt featured on, send us an email and let us know.