I hope everyone had a good holiday and a Happy New Year! To celebrate 2011, I wanted to start off the year with another favorite brand of mine… Masked. Anything other than its name and its creator, “Bori (last name to hard to pronounce)”, Masked is pretty much a mystery. All we know is they make awesome shirts and accessories. I wanted to feature their “Marilyn Masked” tee that depicts “Marilyn Masked (not to be mistaken for Monroe)” in a simple, elegant design:

The design is amazing and the reason this is their most popular tee is clear.

It is available for both men and women.

Buy “Marilyn Masked” here for $25.99 or check out their other shirts and accessories on theirĀ website here.

Bori was also so kind enough to share a video of the official “story” on Masked: