Today’s feature is Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon from Downington, PA. Jeff started Ugmonk after college when he noticed there was a lack of simple, clean designs on the market. After he achieved his degree in design and scored a full design job was when  he found himself itching to start his own clothing line. Soon after Ugmonk was born, Jeff decided to take the jump and leave his full time job in pursuit of Ugmonk and his dream. Since 2008 and starting with 5 designs and 200 shirts, Ugmonk has grown to be internationally known and full of cameos in the media. Their most popular design is “And Then I Woke Up” seen below.

Today, Ugmonk has shipped to 55 countries all over the world.

Through the first two years, we continued to build Ugmonk by working late nights and weekends refining designs, organizing logistics, and packing orders. Each new release received an enthusiastic response from the community and knowledge of the brand spread organically through word of mouth and online features. My dream of starting my own brand was no longer just a dream.

“And Then I Woke Up” is exactly the style Jeff wanted to create using typography and keeping things simple. As you shop around in the online store, you can see where that fascination comes into play. I love how the large design is met with a very small one unnoticeable until up close.

Ugmonk is becoming a world renown brand and fast. But don’t worry, Jeff says that,

While it’s fascinating and exciting to see Ugmonk show up in mass media, it really is just as fun to hear about people who randomly spot someone wearing Ugmonk on the street and discover the brand that way. No matter how big the brand gets, I want to keep the personal touch and service that people have come to know with Ugmonk. My goal is to provide each customer with the same innovative designs, quality goods, and excellent customer service that I would want.

Buy Ugmonk’s tee “And Then I Woke Up”  for $24 here, or check out all their other great shirts and extras here at their website. If you go to his blog you can find a great post about how he designed and created his shirt “Better Than We Deserve” from the thought process all the way to putting it on the shirt. Click here to check it out!!


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  1. jbenz

    Nice writeup. Ugmonk is pretty rad. Totally agree that the process behind the design of the “Better than I deserve” design is worth checking out, especially if you want to see some sweet handwritten fonts.

    1. Reggie

      Sweet! Glad you liked it and agree on the sketches. I Wish more brands would show us their creating process!

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