Emptees 2010 Company of the Year: Electric Zombie!

I’ve been on Emptees a lot lately just lurking around and with the new year recently, they had all their members vote for the “Emptees Awards.” Well, the results are in and the company of the year is Electric Zombie! I checked out their site and WOW! They definitely deserve every praise they get from their fellow Emptees members. Everything is very professional and their designs are top notch.

I mean, just look at the detail!! The man behind Electric Zombie is Kyle Crawford. Not only did he start Electric Zombie in late 2007, but he also does a lot of other work; such as designs for some of my favorite bands – Silverstein, Coheed & Cambria, Paramore, and more. With a portfolio like Kyle’s, there is no question as to how his company grew so fast and became so popular. One of the reasons for this is because “…Kyle is very hands on with the entire brand. From concept, to execution, hang tagging to assembling goodie bags, selling at shows and getting the word out. Electric Zombie, is Kyle Crawford, blood sweat and tears… And tee shirts.”

“I think it’s better when you’re in charge of doing your own thing, because if it fails there’s no one to blame but yourself. It’s easier executing what you envision when you’re hands on, and no one else to satisfy but yourself.”

He’s already done countless designs and it was really hard to choose the ones I wanted to post on his feature. Everything is just great work. He is really involved and loves what he does so much that he works his ass off to make his fans happy. What more can you want from a brand? Check out Electric Zombie’s store here and get some tees on sale while you can.

Again, a huge congratulations to you Kyle Crawford and your Electric Zombie! You and your team deserved it! We all welcome what you have in store for us for 2011!