New Tees from Seventh.Ink

We follow Matt a lot here at PCT and there’s obvious reason behind it. Seventh.Ink has come a long away and keeps getting better. If you ever wanted to create your own line or better the one you have already, follow Seventh.Ink because they got this on lock. For their just recently released collection we have two tees from them: Guido Greedo and For Glory.

Guido Greedo is what you get when you mix Star Wars and Jersey Shore together… and we like both (obviously for different reasons). This shirt was voted by fans of Seventh.Ink and enough interest was generated to convince Matt to print it. Good thing he did! His fans love it!

Inspired by the most manly and awesomest movie ever, 300, comes For Glory. The design on this one is pretty much perfect and I have no doubt that these will be gone soon – so pick up yours while you can!

Seventh.Ink has been one of our favorite brands to cover here at PCT so you need to click this link and see what they are all about. All of their tees are printed on none other than American Apparel with top quality designs. Keep it up Matt!


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