Chris Hardwick brings back Groverfield

Yeah, I know. Cloverfield came out in 2008, so the Groverfield parody shirt is old news, right?

If you were Joel Watson over at Hijinks Ensue comics, you would’ve felt the same way. Or at least until you woke up this morning and wondered why your sales page was getting so many hits.

This is why:

The moral of this story is:

1) Make a cute shirt referencing something in the Pop Culture sphere.
2) Get it in the hands of Chris Hardwick (or the celebrity of your choice).
3) Convince him/her to wear it on a nationally aired show, like Attack of the Show on G4.
4) Profit, rinse, repeat.

*2.a) If it’s a comedian, consider showing up for a few shows and be seen laughing at all the right spots. Fans tend to get better access. Offer to buy a few extra CD’s if they agree to wear your shirt.

If you don’t have the gumption to go thru all of that effort, you can take the express route and buy the shirt

$18.75 + shipping at TopatoCo

If you would like your site or shirt featured on, send us an email and let us know.


One thought on “Chris Hardwick brings back Groverfield

  1. I actually had not seen that shirt before. Pretty rad.

    I have respect for Hardwick because of his writing. He’s put some good stuff in Wired Magazine. Plus, I mean, Singled Out. That show ruled. Of course, if that show premiered now I would say “This is what’s wrong with society!”. And now I feel old.

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