Vicious History

I don’t remember history much in school, because I was always doodling in the margins. But as I grow older ( :[ ), I realize just how exciting and relevant history can be. We were always taught a “one man history” where history was made all by one man. For example Christopher Columbus found the Americas, Alexander the Great created the largest empire, Napoleon the master military strategist was the great Emperor of France, etc. While this does make history easier to teach, it can also make it quite boring.

Chaz Matses created Vicious History with a mission to change that. “Many people feel that history is a boring subject and my goal is to give it a contemporary and interesting feel that speaks for itself on our shirts.” Looking through his store you will see many history, astronomy, and secret society/conspiracy inspired designs.

We specialize in contemporary apparel which incorporates a vast range of historical influences into its designs. Our company’s purpose is to create inventive and unique apparel that allows us to share our artistic vision with our customers.

Vicious History has already seen great success and a lot of their tees are selling out fast so pick up yours now. Most of Vicious History shirts are printed on American Apparel with custom screen printed tags. There is a reason these are selling so check out the above shirt and more at the store here.