Emptees Shuts Down… Sadness Ensues

During the years I’ve been covering the t-shirt industry, it’s been common place to see site and apparel companies, both big and small, come and go. It’s the natural cycle of things, and generally the companies are either small enough or plagued enough that it seems like they’re just being put out of their misery.

In other words, it generally doesn’t really matter. But this time, it’s personal.

Emptees, started back in 2007 (just a year before we launched), was a tiny little project from the folks at Indie Labs… yes, the ones behind Big Cartel. In the 3+ years since, it has grown to be the heart and soul of the t-shirt and apparel community.

So as an active participant on their forums, the news that they’re shutting down hits close to home. The official close date is March 1st and I wish they’d reconsider their decision to hand their site off to someone. Though their reasons for it’s closure make total sense, it still seems like a such a huge loss to the community to just shutter it.

You can read the whole announcement here.

Emptees, we’re gonna miss you.

If you’re an active participant on the forums, where are you going to head to after March 1st?


3 thoughts on “Emptees Shuts Down… Sadness Ensues

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  2. jbenz

    Oh noes! Terrible news. As far as where I’m going… I don’t know. Obviously the post mentioned BandJob.com, but it will be interesting to see if BandJob eventually pivots to take the focus of music-related design and welcomes all design. If it doesn’t then it’s not a very good fit.

    You probably saw this thread suggesting the community can build a replacement. Could be cool:

    It really is a pretty unique opportunity. Emptees is super popular, and its closing will leave a big hole. Congrats to whoever can fill it.

    I’m still shocked that they have totally disregarded the possibility of a sale. It’s not easy to build up a large community and the community is what can be extremely valuable. I’m sure there is a buyer out there who won’t necessarily whore it out. I’m surprised to see how much community sites sell for on flippa.com. It would at least cover lawyer fees and probably one person’s annual salary.

  3. Liz

    I can kind of understand them not wanting to mess with it, since big cartel and pulley are their bread and butter. But definitely agree with you that they should at least let it live somewhere else… with someone else…

    Looks like http://www.mintees.com/ popped up really quickly from some folks in the forums. Interesting to see what happens there.

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