Closd – Not a Misspelling

From Italy came two of my favorite things: Ferrari and Pasta. But now I can add a third… Closd Clothing. Although they have only a few different tees to offer, the ones they DO have are fantastic. The reason behind this is that all their tees are limited and once they’re gone – they are gone. Started out in 2009, They have worked extremely hard at what they have become today.

Closd is not a two-person show: we see ourselves as part of a community that devotes itself to developing real-world art into a mobile statement of individuality.

I love the designs they have. Not only are they distinct and cool to look at, but they also have meaning. For example, the “Ronin” shirt above is from the famous story of the legendary Ronin warriors:

Everyone want to be free and decide his one future. 47 Ronin, also known as “Wave Man”, during the eighteenth century in Japan fought against the laws and the rules, they’re still remembered as heroes. Sacrifice and Persistence is the formula.

Check out “Ronin” and their other shirts at their website here where all their shirts sell for €22.00. Remember their shirts are all limited so don’t hesitate!


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