We have been getting more and more submissions lately, and I was looking at this particular submission on my phone and I knew I had to look more into it. Mixing vintage and futuristic designs and principles, Cuppa-T out of beautiful New Zeland has a great, unique theme going on. I love the military feel it has to it as well. By themselves, these themes aren’t original, but how Cuppa-T puts them together really makes it work and they are doing a great job of it.

The particular tee they submitted just came out on the 8th and its awesome. They call it Greetings From Mars. It depicts that classic 60’s style couple on a beach vacation, but in the future on Mars. Here is what Cuppa-T has to say about it:

Its an original composition formed based on lots of research on old postcard art, the silhouettes were actually referencing some pics of classic beach couple sunset scenes, which are where the fellas loud shirt and ladies flowers came from. We didn’t want to interfere with the beach romance feel to much so we didn’t suit them up, plus we figured by the time we can vacate to mars we’d probably have a great sun block.

Not only is the design great, but Cuppa-T shirts have nice hang tags and they have a nice tag on the bottom. They certainly don’t cut any corners here. The printing looks great too.

Most of Cuppa-T shirts sell for 59 NZD to 64 NZD, which translates to around $45 USD. Not exactly cheap. They say the reason for the high price is because they are a small, independent company that only prints limited runs. My only grind is that with the price they are asking, they don’t say what kind of shirt they print on – only that its 100% cotton. I would expect great quality for the asking price, but without the shirt in hand, its hard to say the quality of the print and shirt is worth the price. See what you think at their store here. Anyone have a Cuppa-T shirt and care to comment?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review Reggie 🙂

    Our prices are very standard in New Zealand, which can be comparatively pricey to some other countries (especially the US) However, this hasn’t stopped plenty of our American fans from supporting the brand.

    FYI- we print on AAA Platinum 1701s

    • Reggie says:

      Thats very interesting! thanks for clearing that up. And please, whenever you guys release new stuff, send in an entry and may be able to help spread the word!

      • Anonymous says:

        Will do, in fact we’ve got a couple of new releases just around the corner. Will be in touch soon 😀

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