The Advancer

Stumbling around Emptees again (as usual) I came across Local Advancers… I haven’t heard of them yet so I checked out their store and I really like where they are going. Their designs are simple and clean, which a lot of people prefer (like me) over the large and bright prints that we have been seeing the last decade.

Their website is super clean and easy to navigate. Not only are their shirts inexpensive, but also their shipping costs are, too! Local Advancers are doing everything right here. Their current lineup is pretty solid, too. They are definitely trying to build a brand name here and it looks like they are on their way. My favorite shirt they are currently offering that I like the most is “The Advancer” shirt.

Maybe I like it because it reminds me of American Spirits (haha)… But its a clean and appealing design. Something I definitely could see myself wearing. They also have a close up shot where you can see the ink. Its thin which means its definitely comfortable (Being printed on American Apparel also helps).

I highly recommend you check these guys out. Buy “The Advancer” here and for well under $20 you can get it shipped to your door. Not many other companies can do that!


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