German Chic: Faith21

From “somewhere between Cape Town, Amsterdam, Bali and Northern Germany” our submission box brings us Faith21. A brand focused on athletes and surfers made by people with a lot of free time and support for capitalism, Faith21 has a a unique style that I really wanted to share with you guys. They have a huge selection of tees and they are really great. Lots of stuff for women, too. I want to feature more of their shirts individually so we’ll start with one today.

This shirt is called “Protect your Heart” and is for sale for €32 and they ship world wide. I didn’t see any info on what the shirt was printed on, but I did see that it was designed from Milano, Italy…. ooooo :]

I’m not really sure about what the design is or means, but I really like it! It looks like it belongs on a frame in museum and I think thats why I was drawn towards this particular design. Everyone who looks at it will have a different opinion of what it is. The best part is, that their whole line is like this. So stay tuned for more updates and buy “Protect your Heart” here!