Malgusto T-shirts

Malgusto Cult Movie T-Shirts
Although “malgusto” is Spanish for “bad taste,” their t-shirt designs are pretty sweet:

west reanimator t-shirt Herbert West Reanimator T-Shirt

plan 9 movie t-shirtPlan 9 From Outer Space – Movie t-shirt

Big Lebowski T-shirt

The Big Lebowski

Malgusto t-shirt company describes themselves as, “a heartless corporation that, sick of not finding out movie based t-shirts that we liked, decide to produce them by ourselves, jeopardizing our personal fortunes.”

They feature t-shirt designs with colorful retakes on cult classic movies. Besides the t-shirts featured above, they have pretty sweet designs for Night of the Creeps, Evil Dead, Robo Cop, The Big Lebowski, and Big Trouble in Little China among others.

Priced in Euros, these American Apparel tees ship from Spain, making shipping fees a little salty here in the U.S. — In any event, they seem to be doing well, so if you have some spare Euros in your jeans, pick one up at!