Old Navy Gay Pride T-Shirts

kristen bell gay t-shirt

Kristin Bell Wearing Old Navy Gay Rights T-Shirt

Old Navy Gay Pride T-Shirts – Starting next week, Old Navy will debut a series of Gay Pride t-shirts in their stores, donating a percentage of the profits to the it gets better project. (If you haven’t seen the commercials, that’s the popular new celebrity-led campaign that aims to help gay teens feel pride in who they are)

Although some brands have previously put out t-shirt designs for a gay rights related cause (like American Apparel), this is the first major retail chain that we know of to publicly show support for gay rights or marriage equality.

The t-shirts are inexpensive, (priced between $7.50 and $14.50) and although the designs are simple, the message is clear and progressive. Having millions of teens see these gay rights t-shirts for sale in malls around the country is certainly a step in the right direction.

Nice to see a mainstream retailer like Old Navy taking a chance on something, and putting a cause before profits. (would having them printed in America be too much to ask? – OK, one cause at a time!) Of course, the wildly popular show Glee already proved that you don’t have to be status quo to find mainstream success, but kudos nonetheless.

Here are a couple of Old Navy’s gay pride t-shirt designs:

old navy gay rghts t-shirt

old navy gay rghts t-shirtOld Navy Gay Pride t-shirts – It Gets Better t-shirts
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8 thoughts on “Old Navy Gay Pride T-Shirts

  1. NOMoreFAQS says:

    I am SO SICK & TIRED of hearing about gays rights/marriage!!! At first, I didn’t mind the gay agenda, but when you constantly try to shove your political views down MY throat, I’m going to rebel! Think about it. If someone was constantly always talking about themselves, or any subject all day long, you’d get annoyed to.

    Keep clothing & politics separate! Not everything has to be a political statement. No I’m not a Bible thumper. I am agnostic so don’t play the religion card with me!

    What’s next for Old Navy? Abortion shorts? Birth Control panties? Stem Cell bikinis?

    • Jessica says:

      I totally agree with what you’re saying, but at the same time, this message is important. Its like a civil rights movement for a group of people (including me) that face ignorance of the topic everyday. Love is love and people who love differently should not be criticized or discriminated against. I personally believe your opinion is your opinion and i wont hold it against you. But i personally am ecstatic that Old Navy is taking such an audacious step towards social advancement. The more homosexuality is portrayed in the media and culture, the more accepting people will be of it. I apologize if you really think abortion and other controversial topics are somehow tied in to homosexuality. I’m guessing you’re against these topics ? Not all gay people are the same and shouldnt be classified into a compilation of negative subjects. However, If its the way you see it, then ok.
      The way i see it, Its a tshirt. And its for a great cause for suicide prevention amongst lgbt teens. Personally, Old navy has definitely earned more of my respect.
      Ps. if ya ever wanna talk to gain a non forceful perspective, then i’m here to talk.

    • Kelsey says:

      Um, excuse me? Maybe we wouldn’t HAVE to “shove the issue down peoples throats”, if all our children in the gay community wern’t getting bullied into KILLING THEMSELVES. You really wanna say that we’re wrong for standing up and fighting for our rights, and for that of our future generations? Just think if one day, you had a child. And they got bullied everyday for whatever reason, may it be that their gay or just because of hair or skin color. What if THEY killed themself? You’d realize real freaking quick how serious our situation is.

  2. Janice Johnson says:

    We wish to purchase some of Old Navy’s Gay Pride t-shirts about 60. How can we purchase them in bulk

  3. re:Gay Pride T-Shirt says:

    To person who left the first comment: A “gay pride” t-shirt isn’t so much of a political statement as a statement that someone is proud to be who they are, even if they aren’t status quo. A gay pride t-shirt is a way for people (who are often bullied, or told to be ashamed of who they are) to say that they are proud of who they are. It’s more comparable to a civil rights cause than “birth control panties” as you mentioned.

  4. Tom says:

    I’m sure your boycott will effect them drastically. What will they ever do without the $30 you spend on t-shirts?

    P.S – Your children will grow up to be ashamed of you.

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