Ask Not – Patriotic T-shirt

Ask Not T-Shirt

Ask Not T-Shirt

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” – JFK 1962 Full speech

ask not t-shirt

Ask Not t-shirt

You know, it was really nice to get this “Ask Not” t-shirt in the mail the other day from (thanks for the freebie!) The timing really couldn’t be better. Look at our country today. We’ve allowed corporations to take the reigns of our economy, and now we find ourselves in a bit of a quagmire, as we move well past a $14 Trillion deficit. (That number has 12 zeros… write it out, it’s scary)

Of course, after bickering, they will raise the debt ceiling again this month (as it was under Ronald Reagan) and then people will go back to pleading for more tax cuts and freedom to buy $7 pants at Wal Mart.

jfk t-shirt

An Idea Lives On- JFK T-Shirt

Anyway, our country is in quite the predicament, and pretty soon people will start having to show their actual patriotism, which in this case means sacrifice and contribution. People are already in the streets of cities like Athens, (Greece, not Georgia) so both liberals and conservatives need to start asking ourselves what we can do to make our country better. (besides hoarding gold and demanding more tax cuts, of course)

Although at first glance this t-shirt certainly has a liberal bias, anyone with true patriotism should relate to the meaning. (that goes beyond the Support Our Troops ribbons, ya’ll)

There, I said it. (Although turbulent times do create some good music!) Now check out the t-shirt at! Use coupon code: POPCULTEE

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2 thoughts on “Ask Not – Patriotic T-shirt

  1. Loving the idea. Makes me think of doing a similar thing over here in the UK, but sadly most of our patriots aren’t patriots – they are racists!

  2. This is worth noting, because many times kids clothing can go terribly wrong, and the next thing you know your kid is getting a much-deserved wedgie because of their dorky Spider Man t-shirt tucked into their jean shorts

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