My Yoda Shirt, This Is – Funny Star Wars T-Shirt

yoda t-shirt
My Yoda tshirt, This Is
only $9.99 from fivefingertees
For an extra 5% off, use coupon code: fiveoff

Yoda T-shirt – Our current string of cool Star Wars t-shirts continues with this My Yoda Shirt, This Is t-shirt from fivefingertees. (thanks for sending me one, I’ll be rocking it for sure!)

chicken pot pie t-shirt

Another t-shirt from fivefingers

Maybe there is some irony to a Zen master like yoda ending up in the most commercial movie series of all time (I’ll always prefer the old school puppet yoda to the cgi version) but the little guy sells tickets. Actually, did you know the Star Wars franchise is at the $20 Billion mark for revenue? (Maybe we could start paying off our foreign debt in plastic wookies? Oh, wait, they’re made in China – nevermind)

Anyway, for under $10, how can you go wrong with this yoda t-shirt? They even gave us a coupon code: fiveoff to use for an extra 5% off your order!

Check out their movie t-shirts, and funny t-shirts at

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