Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirt

keep calm kill zombies shirtKeep Calm, Kill Zombies t-shirt at crazydog tshirts
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i heart zombies t-shirt

i heart zombies t-shirt

Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirts – Apparently stores now begin their Halloween displays in August, so I’ve decided I’m going to start looking for some cool Halloween t-shirts starting right now.

The other day I saw a pretty good looking girl wearing a pretty cool Keep Calm Kill Zombies t-shirt. (You don’t have to be a hot girl to wear it, but something about the idea of an attractive girl fighting a zombie works for me.)

keep calm carry on poster

english motivational poster

Based on the famously reassuring “keep calm and carry on” posters in the London tube system, these t-shirts seem to be available various places online with or without simulated zombie blood. (I was reassured that no zombies were harmed in the making of these t-shirts)

In any event, they have these shirts online, including Amazon, and Crazydogtshirts where I saw this specific one, as well as the I Heart Zombies t-shirt above.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirt

  1. My favorite shirts are ones that are based on popular sayings associated with governments such as this one or parodies of the Uncle Sam wants you posters. It is always nice when the government has a sense of humor and lets them go. I am extremely glad to hear though that no zombies were harmed in the making of this shirt. I will definitely be wearing one of these shirts when the Apocalypse starts.

  2. Normally I’m not a fan of the ‘keep calm’ series but I love this. Add in a couple fake weapons and it’s a a super easy costume!

    Btw, the government doesn’t really have a choice in letting the parodies happen, the copyright on the originals have expired. The ‘keep calm’ poster was discovered by chance in a really cool bookshop in northern England called Barter Books, worth checking out if you ever get a chance.

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