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dpcted t-shirts is a new online t-shirt shop that specializes in humorous text-designed pop culture t-shirts. Although they are just getting started, I think they might be on to something.

Specifically what I like about the little that I have seen, is that they should succeed in reaching some niche audience members online with their clever humor. The bold, sans serif font choice makes it easy to read and looks like they aren’t trying too hard.

I think most of the time new designs or ideas for t-shirts fail because they don’t really make a strong connection to a potential customer. When I saw their “I heart chubby bearded guys” t-shirt, I knew that they would sell some. It’s just funny.

Anyway, success selling t-shirts online often has a lot to do with niches. A lot of times if you try to appeal to everyone, you often appeal to no one. I’m thinking there must be a decent number of women out there with chubby, bearded boyfriends (or husbands) and a sense of humor. (and Facebook so their friends can like them wearing the shirt)

The I would cuddle you so hard” t-shirt is also clever and funny innuendo. If you wear it to a bar or to a party, you’ll probably get some laughs, and maybe even a phone number. (not a good choice for a sausage-fest or boy scout camping trip though) That’s not a bad $20 investment. – buy online at dpcted.storenvy.com

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