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sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy T-Shirts — I just got the above t-shirt in the mail from fivefingertees – Sweet! I have to admit that I am an occasional fan of Jack Daniels, but honestly not too familiar with the wildly popular tv show “Sons of Anarchy” on FX.

In any event, it’s a cool t-shirt, and Steve from fivefingertees describes it as, “a tshirt that is inspired by the TV show ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ with a twist of Jack.”

After doing a little research, I see that the show, revolving around a fictional vigilante motorcycle gang in Charming, California, has set all kinds of ratings records for cable series. The plot sounds interesting too, and it costars Katie Segal, meaning that everyone from the Bundy family (Married w/ Children), except Bud, now has a successful show on TV!

Now I’m inspired to watch my first episode of Sons of Anarchy. (I think they are on Season 4 already?) Also of note, if you or a friend are a Sons of Anarchy fan, this t-shirt is less than 10 bucks, and you can use the coupon code above for an extra 5% off!

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  1. kevin says:

    As of 10-21-11 the coupons and promo codes above for Sons of Anarchy shirts and merchandise are all working! FX Shop has the biggest selection of shirts etc

  2. Carri says:

    Love Sons of Anarchy, I wonder if these coupons are still working? Also, If you like band shirt/music related clothing you should definitely check out Lyric Culture, they have some great stuff.

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