Burn Card T-Shirts

burn card t-shirt

Burn Card t-shirt

This week I received a cool t-shirt from UK-based Burn Card Clothing. Their first set of designs center around the playing cards-inspired logo. Actually, before I speak about the shirt, I have to tell you how impressed I was with the t-shirt packaging, also inspired by old-school playing cards.

Packaging is often overlooked, but as we said in a previous post about t-shirt packaging ideas, it can really make an impression. I couldn’t help but be impressed when opening the package from Burn Card, and here’s why:

burn card t-shirt packagingburn card t-shirt packaging

burn card hang tags

burn card t-shirt logo

As you can see, their branding is carries through all the way from the packaging to the hang tag, to the shirt itself. (Check out the creative hang tags above. What a nice touch)

Anyway, back to the t-shirt. I got one of the black ones with their logo on it. Very cool, and understated. I remember back when the “sport” of Poker was exploding in popularity, about a million people tried to make t-shirts to capitalize on the craze. More than 9 out of 10 designs were lame, as people were kind of missing the point.

T-shirts with poker-lingo on them, or designs incorporating poker chips and playing cards really just missed the mark. What high roller would want to walk through a casino wearing a shirt that says, “Poker Freak,” “Texas Hold em,” or “I Got the Nuts.”

However, this understated logo design would look very cool, and could go places like a casino or restaurant and still look classy. Well done. Looking forward to seeing new designs from them soon! Buy at BurnCardClothing.com


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  1. The packaging is genius. Reminds me of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow idea: be different and stand out from the crowd. He packaged that book in a milk carton. Amazing.

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