Ultra Trash Clothing

ultra trash clothing

Ultra Trash t-shirts

double feature tshirt

double feature t-shirt

Ultra Trash Clothing is a small clothing / t-shirt brand founded in Germany by two graphic designers Florian Baier and Stefan Huebsch. Initially nspired by the American Gindhouse movies, they started designing fake movie shirts and posters. (cool idea!)

These “fake movie poster” designs are inspired by old biker movies, slasher movies, road movies & erotic films of 1960s and ’70s, they also offer the “Ultra Trash Shirts,” which combine two shirts in one — (a classic double feature!)

ultra trash t-shirts

killing killing killing

Aside from the obvious influences listed above, these vintage-looking designs even remind me a little of the old Russian Constructivist movie posters. (like the stenberg brothers) The interesting quality about those posters was that they were intended for an audience that was often illiterate, so they relied on attention-grabbing images, typography, and design more than just the meaning of words.

Sweet t-shirts. Anyway, check out their site, ultratrashclothing.com, as it looks like they sell out of new designs quickly.