Bitmap’d T-Shirts – Video Game Inspired Tees

bitmapd t-shirts

bitmapped_logo_smallInspired by both classic video games of the 8 bit era (like Mario Brothers & Tyson’s Punchout) as well as newer video games from the hi-def era, (like Metal Gear Solid & Red Dead Redemption) Bitmap’d tees brings some cool tees to the gaming culture.

Why are video games such of an important peice of pop culture? Hmmm… I guess video games are a shared experience for most of us suburban males (and the occasional cool Asian girl?) during those formative years, and we like to be reminded of that. Why else would someone pay so much money for rare Atari 2600 games?

Priced at under $20 each, these retro video game t-shirts from Bitmap’d can help you reclaim a little bit of that nostalgia without breaking the bank. (They can’t help you with that thinning hair though.)

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