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arquebus tshirt redemptionMore sweet typography designs, this time a submission from Brooklyn-based Arquebus Clothing. As I was saying before, please don’t waste your time just throwing an inspirational quote onto a t-shirt unless you are doing it right, and in an original way. Make the text work with the imagery, and try to make a connection or inspire others.

This is often easier said than done, as famous quotes are popular as the basis for t-shirt designs, but often not executed well. It takes a lot of motivation for someone to take out their wallet to buy a t-shirt online, so there has to be a strong emotional connection made for it to happen.

If you’re thinking of trying it yourself, maybe there is a cause or organization that you can attach to the design. I’d love to see t-shirts for charitable organizations convey their messages with the effectiveness of brands like Arquebus. Who wouldn’t be inspired by a t-shirt supporting a cause like fighting breast cancer with quotes presented with this quality of typography?

Anyway, Daniel from Arquebus Clothing says their brand, “is dedicated to providing designs that are self expressive and meaningful, using imagery or typography… designs not only looks cool, but also have a meaning that people can relate to everyday or at any moment in their life. They are bold, positive, inspirational, motivational, witty, philosophical and very wearable by everybody.”

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