Cool Philadelphia Sports T-Shirts – Veteran’s Stadium

veterans stadium philadelphia t-shirts

glenn hurricane schwartzSweet Retro Philly Sports T-Shirts – So, if you didn’t grow up within a 30 mile radius of Philadelphia, I guess you won’t really get it. Actually though, if you are a t-shirt designer, you can still be inspired by these retro philly sports t-shirts:

How is that, you ask? Well, unless you are going to invest the time and money to get permission to use a sport’s team’s name or other trademarks, you’re going to have to be creative in reaching their fans. Enter designs like above. The Vet (Veteran’s Stadium) is the old Philly sports stadium where the Phillies & Eagles used to play, and “The Broad Street Bullies” was the nickname given to the 1970’s team with Bobby Clarke who won the Stanley Cup.

Veteran’s Stadium / Broad Street Bullies t-shirts

veterans stadium t-shirt philadelphia

Both designs are instantly recognizable by Philly fans, even though the actual team names aren’t used. I, like thousands of others, have tons of nostalgia for The Vet, (even though it’s notoriously poor turf ruined many players’ careers) and even had the rehearsal dinner for my wedding there.

broad street bullies tshirt

Not only do these designs not blatantly infringe on heavily guarded team trademarks, but they are actually something cool & different from what you’ll find at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods. Plus, I guarantee you’ll get more attention over at Chickie & Pete’s. (If you don’t know, don’t ask)

Retro Veteran’s Stadium T-ShirtRetro Broad Street Bullies T-Shirt