Fun dinosaur themed t-shirts

My Favorite Dinosaur – As stated on the My Favorite Dinosaur site, these t-shirts were “created by people who often wear t-shirts and think Dinosaurs are awesome.” What a customer base! Everyone wears t-shirts and I’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “Meh, dinosaurs kinda suck.” Everyone loves dinosaurs!

The t-shirts are very simple and graphic, featuring a line drawing of each dinosaur and its name. The site features accompanying information on each dinosaur, like where and when it lived, specialized features and what the name means. There is even simple representation of how big it would be compared to an average human, which will remind you how incredibly terrifying these creatures must have been in the flesh. I think that it would be really neat to include at least some of the information on the back of the shirt. If you’re going rock a t-shirt with a freaking Iguanodon on it, why not educate the public on its awesomeness at the same time?

There are dozens of colors to pair with your favorite dinosaur, and you can even customize the text and color of your dinosaur, so the possibilities are endless. The sizes range from infant to toddler to adult, so the entire family can Walk the Dinosaur.

These t-shirts are simple and whimsical, and just plain fun. Check them out here.