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t-rex-funny reversable t-shirt

funny dinosaur t-shirts

t-rex playing drums

Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts – So, for whatever reason we were inspired to do another post about funny dinosaur t-shirts.

It might not be enough to simply display vector art of dinosaurs on t-shirts to get people to take their wallets out. Because good clip art has become so readily available & technology has allowed anyone to be a “t-shirt designer,” the market is a bit flooded online. Sometimes with successful t-shirt design you have to be creative & push the envelope a little to get people’s attention.

This, “Ask me about my T-Rex” t-shirt does just that, and is the latest in the recent trend of shirts that you can flip on over your head to reveal the design on a second side. Not a bad ice breaker at a party! (Maybe wait until everyone has had a couple drinks to unleash the T-Rex though)

Also, the “Never Forget” dinosaur extinction t-shirt, and the “Dino DNA” (Jurassic Park) shirts are pretty funny too. Actually, great idea to take recognizable non-copyrighted elements like that from movies. Get the shirts here:

Ask Me About My T-Rex t-shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts:
Never ForgetDino DNA t-shirts from Busted Tees. Get a coupon
T-Rex Playing Drums
t-shirt from Amorphia Apparel


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