Gizmo Joins the Zapatista Army

gizmo gremlins zapatista army

los narcos baseball teeMarquismo Men – I think one way to come up with creative designs is to combine 2 unrelated images to create something completely new. Such is the case when you enlist Gizmo (from Gremlins) in the Mexican Zapatista Army (aka the EZLN) in this design at Dimex Vive.

Not sure exactly what the motivation was for this design called, “Marquismo Men,” but I really like it. (Why did Gizmo join this leftist band of Revolutionaries… Was it something in the water?) They have lots of other great well-illustrated designs inspired by iconic Latino pop culture over there, so check them out!

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One thought on “Gizmo Joins the Zapatista Army

  1. That is about as cool as you can make a t-shirt. Two of my favorite things (left wing revolutionary politics and 80’s pop culture) rolled into one – like hot dogs and champagne.

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