Ugly Sweater Contest t-shirts

ugly christmas sweater t-shirt

Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt – Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again. When all of us who work in a corporate office are invited to the obligatory Ugly Sweater Contest holiday party. I did some poking around online looking for the origins of this most absurd of traditions, and couldn’t find anything. I wonder – did it start out as a regular Christmas party, and then enough people by-chance showed up in butt-ugly sweaters that it turned into a contest?

Or maybe there were earlier, more biblical origins: perhaps it’s to pay homage to the 3rd wise man (you know, the guy who brought myrrh to the party) who was dressed in that atrocious orange and red frock?

Well regardless of how it started, it’s here to stay. This year, have some fun with it by picking up one of these Ugly Sweater Contest inspired tees. Lets see how long it takes your boss to figure out that the reindeer on it are humping.

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