3 Funny Communist T-Shirts: Why Is Communism a Joke?

communist party t-shirt funny

kim jong unFunny Communist T-Shirts: Why is it that Communist t-shirts are so funny? I guess I could answer my own question here. Probably because you’re taking something so strict, and orderly, and making a joke of it.

Communism takes itself really seriously, which often leads directly to parody, (Just ask Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff) and makes for great t-shirt potential.

Kind of like when that Jesus is My Homeboy t-shirt came out I guess. (Although, I wouldn’t recommend making an “Allah is my homeboy” design, unless you really want it to blow up… no, I mean literally, and probably while you’re wearing it)

Maybe there is some irony to the fact that most of these t-shirts are probably printed in China? Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un for taking the reigns from his dad, and being the next Communist clown. (t-shirt ideas, anyone?)

communist soldiers marching

Why so serious?

chairman meow posterall hail Chairman Meow

funny communist shirt no class

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