Ceiling Cat T-Shirts

Have you heard of Ceiling Cat?

There certainly are no shortage of memes involving cats, and one famous cat meme involves Ceiling Cat. Basically, it’s a funny picture of a cat looking through a hole in some drywall which was rotated so that it looks like the cat is looking down on us from the ceiling.

Ceiling Cat quickly gained God-like qualities, and the rest is history. Oh, and he apparently watches you masturbate. More: Who is Ceiling Cat?

ceiling cat sistine chapel

Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate

Anyway, it’s always nice when you can do a good job making a t-shirt out of an internet meme, which is the case with this Ceiling Cat t-shirt design from Chairman Meow:

ceiling cat t-shirt

Look for a coupon for those t-shirt sites, as there base price can be high, even with only a $2 markup which the above t-shirts appear to have.