How to Spruce Up Your Man-Child’s Apparel With Cool Pop Culture Prints!

Are you going out on the town with your friends? Does your wife let you dress any way that you want to on the weekends?

We know what you want. You want some pop culture prints.

Posters. T-shirts. Socks.

You want to wear clothes that express your inner (or not so inner) man-child. You worked all week and you worked hard. Now you want to sit at your pc and game all weekend in some mesh shorts and a Napolean Dynamite t-shirt.

Want to expand your wardrobe? We’ve got you covered on what to look for.

The Hottest Pop Culture Prints

1. Star Wars

How strong are you with the Force? The epic trilogy that started it all was once a safe place for nerds.

It’s now mainstream, thanks to Disney. Gone are the days where your stormtrooper shirt sat in the closet collecting dust.

Wear your SW gear with pride, in or out of the house. If you’ve got small kids, match up your shirts with theirs. Children are great accessories.

2. Loud Socks

bacon socks

Bacon socks!

As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to express yourself. One way that you can sneak some man-child into your professional attire is with socks.

Some mens funky socks might catch a raised eyebrow or two, but who cares? They’re socks! The majority of professionals are too busy to snoop around your ankles to see what kind of socks you’re wearing.

3. Go Fancy

If you like to party and you want your Jesus to party, go with a tuxedo t-shirt.

This is a great way to not-so-subtly poke fun at your more serious friends and family members.

Have a first date that you know is going to go horribly? This shirt should be part of your ensemble.

While not perfect for every occasion, these pop culture prints should be in every man-child’s closet.

4. The Dude Abides

The Big Lebowski is one of those rare cult-classics that continues to gain in popularity. It was an underrated film when it was released with a great story, phenomenal acting, and the best one liners of its generation.

Every man-child fantasizes about sitting around all day, bowling, and drinking White Russians. Unfortunately, it’s a grown up world out there, and posters, prints, and t-shirts are as close as you’re likely going to get.

5. Obscure Collections

Remember Silverhawks? Yeah. So do we.

Those action figures, provided they’re still new-in-package, are worth a pretty penny.

Show off your man-child with your knowledge of the most obscure pop culture references. Go to a bar wearing a Voltron t-shirt and you’ll be bombarded with people remembering the show in the 80’s and talking about the recent Netflix reboot.

The nerds brooding in the corner will wonder why you’re getting so much attention. And probably wondering what Voltron is…

The Wrap Up

Being a man-child is commonly associated with laziness, perpetual bachelorhood, and video games.

Yet with every day that goes by, a new kid is exposed to Star Wars, another “dude abides” shirt is sold, and another pack of dinosaur socks is purchased.

The world is changing one pop culture print at a time. Join the revolution.

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