The 6 Major Smartphone Case Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

You’ve got to be crazy to walk around with a smartphone that doesn’t have a case on it. But, smartphone cases are about much more than being practical. There are all kinds of interesting, unique cases out there and it’s worth finding the right one for you.

Maybe you want something as bold and bubbly as your personality or you prefer a more laid-back type of look. Either way, it’s good to know what’s coming into style right now.

Here are the top 6 smartphone case styles you can expect to see in 2019.

smartphone cases

1. Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet phone cases combine form and function in a way that no other case style can. They make it easy to go out on the town or spend a day at the beach without having to keep track of a bunch of things at once.

As long as you have your smartphone with its wallet phone case, you can trust you’ll have your ID and credit/debit card on you, too. But if you’re the kind who likes to carry a whole lot of essentials in your purse, you may be better off with another kind of case.

2. Geometric Pattern Cases

While it’s nice to think smart about certain things, it’s also worth being a little more stylish from time to time. You may want to opt for a geometric pattern case if you like to push the boundaries with your style.

Such a case can be multicolored or dual-toned, but it’s sure to look amazing either way. The key is to find a pattern that stands out to you so you can trust you won’t get bored of it.

3. Simple and Chic Cases

Speaking of getting bored with a smartphone case design, it might be better to opt for a timeless look.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a classic black phone case or getting some other single-colored look. There are even interesting designs like wooden cases or logo cases that have a unique touch to them without going overboard.

4. Sporty Smartphone Cases

If you like to be outside as much as possible, you need a case that can keep up. Your best bet is to get a shock-resistant and/or waterproof case for your phone. This way, you can trust it will be just fine as you’re hiking trails or doing watersports.

These may not look incredible at first, but they grow on you. Not to mention, it’s much better to have a smartphone in good condition inside of a trustworthy case than to pull your shattered screen out when getting someone’s number.

5. Branded Smartphone Cases

Another popular smartphone trend happening right now is the rise of branded cases. More and more users are going directly to Apple or Android to buy their cases instead of smartphone case designers. This eliminates the need to think about a case’s design too much, which some consumers like.

6. Custom Phone Cases

What if you want to have a phone case unlike anyone else’s? What if you don’t mind taking the time to think about it a little more? If so, you should create your own design!

It’s not hard to get your hands on a customizable iPhone X case or Android case, either. Regardless of the smartphone you have, there’s bound to be a way to create a one of a kind case for it – and being unique is always in style.

How to Find the Perfect Smartphone Case for You

It’s one thing to know what is on-trend right now and another to know which trend best suits your style. Take your time to consider all the upcoming smartphone case trends of 2019 before committing to one.

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