How to Find Bodybuilder Fashion (That Isn’t Outdated!)

Muscle envy. It’s when a well-built man gets admired by other less toned men. Yet, men aren’t the only ones staring.

Muscles also draw attention from females. Women view big muscles as a healthy reproductive trait. They value muscles as a sexual characteristic when searching for a mate.

90s baggy workout clothes

To keep the attraction growing, a fit man’s got to have his own personal style. One that complements your v-shape physique and accentuates all those muscles.

Yet, it can be hard to find wardrobe pieces (that don’t look outdated!) that fit a trim torso, broad chest, and ripped arms. Bodybuilders and athletes often struggle in wardrobe choices from casual to business wear.

Here’s how to rock the best bodybuilder fashion, made for the modern man.

Say Goodbye to Baggy Fits

bobybuilder tee

bobybuilder tee from monsta clothing

Baggy shirts and pants only hide the hard work you accomplished at the gym.

Your shirt size should be fit, like your physique. Tighter fitting tees will enhance your chest and arms. It will also let the ladies ogle you a bit easier.

If stuck between two sizes, it’s best to go down a size. Go for tops that are tighter on your muscles, but a more relaxed fit in other areas. Shirts should fit well in the shoulders, without feeling restricted in the armpits.

A proper pair of jeans is a must-have for muscular men fashion statements. Slim fit pants may be tough to put on, with those extra large leg muscles. But a more tailored look creates a relaxed vibe for your lower half.

Go for a material that breathes easy and stretches a bit. Jeans and chinos will likely leave enough room for the quads and calves.

You’ll want to steer clear of skinny jeans. Your pants should have a natural flow then taper off towards the bottom.

Don’t Forget About Formal Wear

The same rules apply for your formal wear. Before your suit up, take a trip to your tailor for a custom fit. You should wear the suit, not your muscles.

Finding dress shirts that fit right is tricky. Muscular men often make the mistake of buying a random XXL dress shirt. This size may fit your arms, but it does little to flatter the rest of your physique.

Here’s a tip … find a designer that specializes in formal wear for fit men. The design will mold and fit your v-shape physique. The shirts also get crafted of material that stretches around your muscles.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the shirt collar. Heavyweight men look best with a forward pointed collar and natural collar spread.

Stick to a Neutral and Classic Color Palette

A neutral wardrobe helps to blend simple style with body type. Bodybuilding fashion should create a proportional look throughout your entire body.

Bright colors and busy patterns can look ostentatious on any male. Yet, they become even more eye-catching on a bulk sized build. Remember, your rock solid muscle already draws enough attention.

So stick to classic colors that create a neutral vibe. Go for blacks, whites, and in those between greys. Brown, tans, and darker blues are also safe bets.

Limit printed patterns and keep graphic tees simple. A plain typography t-shirt can capture personality without drawing too much attention. Otherwise, you’ll pull too much focus and take away from personal style.

Find a comfy and basic tee that you love and buy it in every neutral shade. The goal is to fill your closet with casual clothing for bodybuilders.

Dress for the Season

While at the gym, you likely live in a workout tank and shorts. It can be tempting to keep this outfit on all year long, but the seasons are changing. A proper bodybuilder outfit needs to change with it.

Over the holidays you may get tempted to sport an ugly Christmas sweater. It’s okay to get festive, but pay attention to material thickness and texture.

When dressing for warmth, follow a light layering technique. Thick and chunky knits will bunch up and make you look too bulky. Keep materials thin to avoid hiding muscle definition.

This goes for outerwear too. Go for a long thin peacoat or trench over a puffy jacket. This will frame your physique better and create more height.

A light distressed leather jacket always looks good on men with muscles. Pick a style that appeals to your personality, such as biker or modern. Choose an athletic slim fit to contour your arms and chest.

Don’t Get Stuck on Labels

Fashion brands get known for catering to size 0’s, in both women and men styles. This creates frustration for many men who care about style and quality.

With such a shortage of appealing bodybuilder fashion brands, you may be ready to start your own clothing company. Don’t fret, this website has some excellent wardrobe ideas for everyday wear.

Don’t get hung up on fancy labels. Instead look into different brands that appeal to the modern man. More and more new brands are gearing towards unique fits that appeal to bodybuilders.

Go for quality fabrics without the designer name brand behind it. Well made clothing is less likely to rip at the seams around your muscles. You can always turn to your favorite high-end designer when accessorizing.

Consider Sustainable Fashion Choices

Compared to 20 years ago, the average person goes through 400 percent more clothing. What happened to waste not, want not?

It’s hard enough to find good-quality clothing when you’re an athlete or bodybuilder. When it comes to your clothing collection, go for quality over quantity.

All you need are a few great staple wardrobe items. Adopt a sustainable fashion outlook and wear them as many times as you can.

Some brands even cater to sustainable fashion. They help you find clothes that fit while bettering the environment.

More Ways to Enhance Your Bodybuilder Fashion Sense

Modern bodybuilder fashion is more than the clothes you put on your back. You also need to learn the importance of accessorizing.

Ties, hats, scarves, and footwear will further enhance your stylish look. Also, don’t forget to make a statement with a fine watch. Here’s more on modern watches and timepieces to complete your look.